We are writing the year 1046. Henry III is Holy Roman Emperor and traveling to Rome for his coronation.

On his way he stops in Piacenza, from where he famously requests a gift from the father of Matilde of Canossa: to receive some “of that vinegar that had been praised and was made in the fortress of Canossa”. Thanks to this gift, the fame of this precious condiment spreads throughout all counties, arriving at the table of the Dukes of Este and the Duke of Ferrara, and from here of all the European aristocracy. And up till the present day, we are able to enjoy the same exquisite taste and charm as of that time.


In ancient wooden barrels the cooked grape must slowly and gradually turns into Traditional Balsamic Vinegar.

Aged at least 12 years and up to 25 years, the final product is an intensely dark liquid of brilliant and clear appearance and dense texture, with a unique sweet-sour taste. An unforgettable culinary experience which is the result of a patience, tradition and care for quality.
The Traditional Balsamic Vinegar (ABT) is a traditional condiment of Emilian cuisine and one of the most appreciated products of Italian cuisine, produced exclusively from cooked grape must from the provinces of Reggio Emilia and Modena, and then aged for at least twelve years. The process of transformation of the must can take place only in the particular environmental and climatic conditions typical of the attics of the old houses and only in the territory of the two Emilian provinces, characterized by cold winters and hot and windy summers. For these reasons it cannot be obtained with industrial or large-scale processing, so its production is very limited and the price rather high.

The winery Venturini Baldini is home to one of the largest and oldest vinegar cellar in the area, the ancient Acetaia di Canossa, custodian of wooden barrels dating back to the seventeenth century.

The brand Acetaia Brand of Canossa proudly recalls the strong historical link of the production of our balsamic vinegar and condiments to the life of the Countess Matilda of Tuscany.


Venturini Baldini is custodian of one of the oldest and largest vinegar cellars (“acetaia”) in the area of Matilde di Canossa and in the whole of Emilia Romagna.

The Acetaia of Canossa, situated inside the Tenuta di Roncolo, is warden of a precious historical and cultural heritage: the production of the Traditional Balsamic Vinegar of Reggio Emilia. Ours is the story of an ancient tradition, where respect for time and patience are rewarded with this unique and timeless product. But our company prides itself in being innovative and modern. Today, our collection of condiments and balsamic pearls, the Goccia Collection and the Perla Collection are the result of these values together with our history and tradition.

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